The Game of life.

Its like when god made humans, he thought what do I do with them now, millions and millions of lifeless motiveless creatures. One thing he kept in mind was Variety and equality. Beacause unlike us God likes to play it fair. He gave us all two eyes two legs two arms yet we’re all so fuckin’ different. Yeah, I know god is the master of masters artist of artists. So he finally laid a masterpiece for us. A board to play this game. A real creative one you see, unlike our monopoly game boards this board was huge, filled with all the colours, textures and bonuses. It was names The Earth. A destination of the game was decided. And then the rules for the game had to be made. So the first rule that was made said “the game is meant to be finished, each player reaches the end by interest or disintrest”.But this rule wasn’t enough.So he finally decided a certain fixed pattern like a wavy graph with huge ups and downs, some straight lines in between representing absolutely exquisite events and plotted the time on the X-axis and said this will be one thing which will run them and if they want they can run it according to them but it depends on each of them. Now you know the reason why the human learnt to say;

Time and tide wait for no man.”

God called it the game of life. Now the game had to begin, pawns are placed and the game was started off well. Everybody at the starting line equal to each other. All the pawns were then called humans. Then probably the game got too boring for the devil, he decided to sprinkle some of his mischief dust on this beautiful game .Then was the time these humans became inhumane. They let their creater sit and watch.They nomore cared about his commands .They became their own masters.They created divisions. They created their own homes beacause they felt like resting in it during the game ,from time to time,because they were no more satisfied with anything they were given by their master.After the creation of this new kinf of human,the beautiful marterpiece, The Earth was reduced to dirt. This was the time the devil started enjoying this game. There were nomore bonuses in this game, devil turned them into plot twists. The graph of life got destroyed the balance of the troughs of the unhappenings of life and crests,the high points of every human’s life were nomore there. The graphs became different for each player.Some had them going straight up while others were drowned in the sadness of life. The devil had his time laughing at the poor creatures ,exploited and divided. While the human still fails to realise what a mistake it was to betray its real master.While this never Ending game continues , we struggle to undo the devils deeds but still deny to ask help from our master. Funny creature ,humans are.


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