When they leave us.

You spend your hours,days years staying by their side,knowing them,learning things about them .Doing things for them,with them.And then suddenly one day they leave you,they leave your side ,your universe.They leave, not by choice but by destiny.This time you can never expect them to get punished for being unfaithful to you,unfaithful by leaving you in between the journey.Beacause you know they never wanted to leave you like this.They leave a big empty space inside you inside your little world that comprised of them and their littlings.You find it impossible to accept their absence.Your heart and soul never want to know that they’ll never return to your universe. You break a million times ,trying very hard to believe , the person you gave such huge portions of your life took them away with him.Leaving you with those heartbreaking yet priceless memories.You shed a thousand tears waiting for them ,but your concience reminds you they’re gone.Forever.Then comes a voice from inside that consoles us tells us ; Don’t you worry,don’t you cry once more ’cause you know ,they’re in a better place ,always looking at you.


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