The story of the Dreamer.

I walk alone on dark paths.
Dreaming of brightness all over.
But i forget I’m blind.
Every sunshine is unaware of me.

The dark path carries on.
This darkness is nowhere ,
but in the depth of my thoughts.

The darkness blinds me of light
Yet I dream of a land,
where light resides.
It awaits me, craves of me.

Thinks of the dreamer who is me.
The dreamer, who succeeds ,
In seeing the light inside.
One and all strangers.

But finds darkness deep within,
the dreamer dreams of being a stranger
With the shining light all over inside,
But this path ends.

And when it does ,
it finds the dreamer all the lights.
The light to the darkness,
within every stranger.

The Dreamer Wishes and wishes,
of never finding light again.
Because this light has ,
An exquisite darkness to it.

The dreamer finds it unbearable,
this light of darkness hurts it now.
He finally learns to live by its Individual darkness,
Blind to every strange light.


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