God’s Grace

My mom as i have always observed,
Is another word for grace.
God’s grace to the family.
my lady is an elegant woman,
with a beautiful soul and heart.

A face of goddess , perfection to its best.
The pale white skin of hers,
Cheeks red as i watch her sleep this day.
She is unwell tonight,no high spirits.
Then, she does it so well,
She makes falling ill feel like elegance to me.
Her crimson lips wrinkled and creased,
beautifully in this cold night.

A face beautifully shaped,
with a fine jaw and frizzy black hair.
Lies beside me fast asleep.
With a childlike innocent face.
I am assured she is grace,
Grace on me, form of god’s grace.

Happy tears roll down as i fall asleep now,
Beside my mother, thanking god.
He let me sleep beside his grace everynight.
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  1. That’s very lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sudiksha28 says:

      Thank you Richard. πŸ™‚


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