Our strange connects.

Do you ever just go to your school or your office via the same path over and over for months or years,everyday in a routine?
And you see that old beggar sitting beside the road on the same place everyday in all weathers and you just pass by giving a glance over and over for months or years .Or maybe you just walk by the same park everyday and see that one lonesome big tree standing there all by itself with no one to look after , in a park with mere bushes allover you see it stand out. You see these things , the stranger on the road or the big strange tree for months and manage to not even notice it , not even give a thought to them. While you are hardly even noticing these stangers of your life .But like a fixed way to your school or office,with such spells of time ,these also becomes unnoticed constants in your life.They become a part of your routine. You end up getting into a habbit of seeing the old man begging everyday ,or the tree just standing there carefree as always everytime you go there for a walk.
But what if one day you don’t see the man while you go to your destination?
After years of not noticing the man sitting right there exactly at the same location under the same light pole on the same old dirty rug for years ,for once in months and years you notice,you notice the old man’s presence,the presence that has always been there neglected,you find something missing on your way.Although you never even had a word or stopped by to notice.You tend to see the missing man now.Your subcouncious can even picture the man there exactly like it had been there for months.You find a connect of yourself with that strange constant of your surrounding.You Miss that non existent minor part of your daily routine.  You have lost nothing , you never gained anything from that stranger who always sat there.but maybe this is it ,life is not always about giving and taking but making a presence there in sombody’s routine .This says a lot about human nature, “You only notice things when they are gone.”
P.s- And same for the tree , maybe one day when that tree would get towed by municipality after some storm in the city that destroyed the trees.Maybe then will be the time you’d give your thought to it and feel the in existent presence of that constant.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Nishant says:

    Beautifully justified every thought and great expression. Your use of such examples glorified your idea. Keep writing more.


    1. Sudiksha28 says:

      Thanks a lot. I will be writing more.


  2. Abhilash says:

    Very well written. Nicely personified.


  3. webos6844 says:

    Nice..one..I think you should promote your blog via webinars


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